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BMR Sorghum-Sudangrass (SxS) vs. Late Planted Corn

Brown-midrib SxS has been investigated for supplemental forage in NYS [FS-14, FS-26]. It also has been compared with late planted corn for supplemental forage in NY [GIS-26]. Full season and short season corn, BMR corn, and BMR SxS were planted every 10 days at three sites in northern NY starting June 1. BMR SxS was harvested each time it reached 36-40 inches in height. Under relatively ideal growing conditions with adequate moisture all summer, the yields produced were well related to planting date. Corn silage yield declined linearly with planting date, losing 0.35 tons/acre/day of delayed planting beyond June 1. Full season corn produced higher yields than SxS, even when planted in mid-July. Dryer summer weather would likely have favored SxS more than corn.