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Winter Triticale

As with other small grains, winter triticale can yield 2 to 4 tons of dry matter per acre. It must be planted in late August or early September. The later it is planted, the lower the forage yield will be next spring. It can be drilled at a rate of about 100 lbs seed/acre. A small amount of N, along with soil test suggested rates of P and K, can be applied at planting. Manure can be used to supply fall N/P/K, but too much manure will result in excessive fall growth. When the crop starts growing in the spring, apply about 100 lbs N/acre. Manure can supply some of the needed N, but not all of it. The crop can be spring grazed or ensiled in bunkers or bales. Winter wheat or winter rye could be substituted under this same management scheme, but both will have lower forage quality.