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Timing of Manure Applications

We also evaluated the impact of semi-solid manure application rate and timing on yield and quality of orchardgrass. Manure was applied at spring greenup, and after 1st, 2nd and 3rd cuttings in various combinations of treatments, with up to 80 tons/acre applied. Manure applications during the growing season were limited to not more than 20 tons/acre of semi-solid manure per application to minimize the chance of manure contamination of harvested forage. Timing of manure applications did not affect forage yield, but timing needs to be further evaluated for overall environmental impact. Commercial nitrogen fertilizer application resulted in significantly greater forage CP concentration compared with manure treatments [GIS-16].


  • Timing of manure applications did not affect forage yield.
  • Application rate and timing of application of manure had a very minor affect on forage nutritive value.
  • By the second year of the study the highest rate of manure application yielded more DM than recommended N fertilizer applications.