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Grass Harvest Recommendations

50-55% NDF for hay or silage. Suggest 3 cuts/season. Two early cuts for lactating dairy feed, one late cut for dry cow feed. Best Harvest management aid: Harvest in mid-late May in boot stage before heading. As soon as a single head emerges from the boot, grass is ready for harvest. Harvest 2nd harvest 30-35 days later, as the quality decline in regrowth is as rapid as in spring growth. Take a third harvest in September, timing is not critical. The first two harvests should be of optimum fiber content with an acceptable CP content (approx. 15-18% CP). No matter when the fall harvest is made, this forage will be low in CP, relatively low in NDF and relatively low in digestible fiber. Fall-cut grass also tends to be lower in potassium than spring cut forage, making it a reasonable dry cow feed.