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Split Application of Dairy Manure

We applied dairy manure to orchardgrass and tall fescue, on land that had not received any manure application for several decades in Willsboro, NY. Grass received 30 wet tons/acre of manure split-applied at spring greenup and after spring harvest. Grasses were harvested three times per season. Relative N recovery in orchardgrass forage from dairy manure applied with or without fertilizer in our study was higher from commercial fertilizer N nitrogen applications than from manure applications. This study agrees with the results found elsewhere that perennial grasses can utilize large quantities of applied N, and our results extend this conclusion to orchardgrass and tall fescue.


  • Dry matter yield of grass receiving 30 wet tons/acre of manure was similar to that of N-fertilized grass after two years of manure application.
  • After 2 yr of manure applications residual effects of manure on grass yield were large for at least three years following manure application.